-September 3, 2024-

”Hey Ren! wait lets go to college together ”.

It was Rens friend William.Brown eyes, black hair,1.5 m tall with some chubby layer of fat was Willam. A normal cheerful guy and a gaming freak. They were childhood friends and they were also in the same class.

William stopped him while pulling his shoulder.

”Uggh, fatty be careful my shoulder. ” Ren said while gritting his teeth,holding his shoulder in pain.

”Put your hands~~on my shouulderrr~~~ ”William started singing while teasing him and gave him big pat on his backDOOM… ”and then he put his hand over his neck and they started walking together towards college.

” Aggh.. Can you stop doing it again ”Ren said while rubbing his own back with his right hand.

Ren wasnt hurt badly but just annoyed at him as William always does it even him refusing.

” Did you complete the level yet? ”William asked ignoring what Ren was saying to him.

”No, not yet. I was busy studying yesterday. You know exams are coming next week don you? ”, Ren asked looking at him with a neutral face.

” Ah,yes I know. ” William answered looking in other direction.

He started whistling ”*WHISTLE~**WHISTLE~* ”

Ren understood that this idiot forgot about it.

Ren looked towards him.

”Are you for real!! ”Ren said while Removing Williams hand from his shoulder.

”Hahaa, no problem I can cover it. ”William chuckled ” And we are also in college now bro chill. ”

Veins can be seen popping on Rens forehead.

”Just don forget about it next time and dont play games this week. ” Ren sighed.

”Okay boss, got it.. ” William said while making gesture of thumbs up showing he will try doing it.

A week passed.

-September 9 , 2024 [FIRST DAY OF EXAM]-

a week passed.

-September 16 , 2024[END DAY OF EXAM]-

”Phew…finally exams are over ”, William sighed.

”Today I will try completing that level, maybe I will get my game character level up ”, Ren replied enthusiastically.

”Yes, you are a gamer for nothing.I will also try catching up to you ”,William replied.

– September 17, 2024-

As the mild wind blew through the window pane, waving the curtains and making way for sunlight to enter a room showed a boy sitting on chair playing games.

The boy who immersed himself in the game was Ren. A boy with normal good looks, Black hair, green eyes, 1.7 meters tall (66.9 inches) with a fit body.

As the curtains moved,his sight went towards the window. He stood up leaving his controller on the table and went to close the window. He heard some screaming noises coming outside.

” whats happening outside? ”

He took a peek outside window, looking in the direction where this loud noises were coming,when suddenly ground started shaking and a very bright light entered like a flash through the window binding his eyes.

”Ahhh… ”Ren shouted in pain .

He was little panicked when ground suddenly started shaking.

He suddenly closed his eyes and started rubbing his eyes with his fingers while walking towards other direction of the window towards his table, the intense light caused some strain on the eyes.

As he was rubbing his eyes,he bumped into something,he stopped moving front as he heard some voices in his surrounding.

”Hey, where are we?… ”

”Whats going on?… ”

”Whats happening?… ”

The thing he bumped wasn something but someone.

He started hearing many voices which he couldn recognise because many people were making noises at the same time.

What?why are their people in my room! he thought while rubbing his eyes.

He slowly opened his eyes and saw many people standing everywhere side and front to him.

” Wha…what are these people doing in my room. ”

He looked at the person in front of him.

”Hey, who are you and why are you in my room. ” He shouted while catching shirt collar of the man standing in front of him with his both hands.

”Hey bastard, what are you doing? ”, the man roared. The man was almost same height as Ren. He had a butler style beard and mustache.With a fit body.His looks were of someone who looked like he was in his late 40s.

Ren repeated again, keeping his hands tight on that mans shirt collar.

” I am asking what are you all doing in my house. ”

The man started struggling trying to unite himself from his catch.

While doing so the man became angry and caught his collar.

” You **yard, this is not your house. Look there ”the man shouted angrily while pointing in every direction.

” Huh? ”As Ren saw in his surroundings he was surprised.

He removes his hands from the mans collar.

He was confused seeing himself in a crowd. He looked in every direction.

” This is not my room. Where am I? ”he asked.

”Fuckyard, how would I know? ”the man answered with angry look on his face.

”Ah,I am sorry for suddenly catching your collar. ” Ren apologized for what he did just now, bowing slightly.

”No problem, I was also confused when I got here. ”man sighed.

Ren looked in every direction while hearing him.

He could only see him standing in a crowd.

” Woah, whats happening did someone kidnapp us? ”Ren said.

He was standing in the crowd.The place where he was kidnapped or what he thought had green grassy ground and when he saw up there were two suns shining brightly.

” Huh, why are there two suns? ”Ren said with a surprised look.

”How would I know it? ” Replied a stranger next to him.

”Hmm.. ”Ren didn respond and started walking forward making way in the crowd.

While Ren was struggling to move forward a sudden heavy pressure began to act on everyone due to which everyones movement stopped and nobody can move from their place.

Hm? why can I move almost everyone standing there thought in their mind.

Some tried speaking but they were silenced by a deep loud voice.


As this voice was heard everyone shivered and stood silent.

Everyone including Ren looked up towards the direction of the sound.

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