“However, how can a medical tycoon like Chen Lao who is at the level of Taishan and Beidou come here so easily?” Soon, someone in the group of reporters present threw this problem.

Su Yumeng also turned slightly sideways, and glanced at Su Yuyan with disdain. A powerless little fool still wanted to invite Chen Lao, it was a daydream.

Such a powerful medical doctor, it is impossible for even her to be seen easily, not to mention this ugly bastard who has been imprisoned since he was a child! She will never invite Chen Lao! Su Yumeng sneered without a trace, just waiting to see this ugly monster make a fool of herself!

Unfortunately, there was no trace of nervousness on Su Yuyan's face. She slowly took out her mobile phone and dialed a long list of private numbers, her cold eyes flashing with confidence.

This kind of big guy is hard to see for normal people, but to her gifted girl, it's nothing more than pediatrics!

As a gifted girl, although she dropped out of school very early and followed her master to participate in fighting competitions, but only through self-study, she completed the most advanced courses in the fields of hacking, cryptography, medicine, etc., and used hacking technology to break through various bullshit The firewall of the university's school network system has added a large number of bigwigs as friends.

She was so confident in inviting Chen Lao!

“Hey, who are you?” The call was connected. Chen Lao was taking a class at Yunda Medical College. He was a little confused when he received this unfamiliar call. It was his personal phone number, and only a few people knew about it. How could people call in?

Su Yuyan smiled, exuding an extraordinary cold and arrogant temperament, like a big boss, and said lightly: “Old Chen, I am Python Rose, would you like to come and help me?”

Python Rose, a well-known genius girl in academia, the youngest boss in the field of nuclear physics and quantum mechanics, an existence that shocked all scholars… Everyone who has seen her scci core papers and journals admired her.

She is a genius who is seen once in a century… All the achievements are replaced by anonymity, everyone only knows her code name, and no one has ever seen her real appearance.

Thinking of this, Chen Lao was instantly excited, as if he heard the voice of his idol, and asked tremblingly: “You said you are Python Rose, how do you prove it?”

“It's not easy, Mr. Chen, didn't she once gave you a mathematical proof problem that caused a sensation in the academic world on the forum, do you remember?”

The corner of Su Yuyan's mouth evoked a confident and proud smile. The question she asked back then stumped a group of bigwigs, and it instantly became popular in the academic circle. In the beginning, only a few dozen people participated, and then hundreds and thousands of people participated in this reasoning operation.

Several professors were tortured by her until they couldn't sleep at night. They didn't know where to get her forum website information. They posted messages every day, crying that they couldn't solve the answer and couldn't sleep… At least 200 people posted to her every day to ask her the answer. , but she just gave a lot of hints, the answer is in the formula of the question, and it needs to be deduced by reverse thinking… But no one has solved it.

Chen Lao is also eager to know one of the answers, so when Su Yuyan mentioned this century-old problem, his eyes widened instantly, and his interest value surged. Seriously, for him, as long as he can know the answer, let him He can do anything.

“Are you really Python Rose?” Old Chen clenched his phone tightly, already believing half of it.

Su Yuyan nodded with her lips hooked: “Yes, and I not only know the problem-solving skills, but also the answer” because she is the python rose. This is the question she came up with. As the original questioner, how could she not know the answer.

After Chen Lao heard this, he was so excited that he stopped taking classes, and immediately asked the driver to drive to the hospital, for fear that he would miss the answer if he was late.

Ten minutes later, the famous old Chen came to the hospital. He was recognized by the young doctors of the hospital along the way, and they all stepped forward to take pictures. This directly alerted the hospital leaders, and they all came out to greet him.

A large number of leaders went out in person, accompanied Chen Lao to the ward, and met Su Yuyan.

As soon as Su Yuyan saw the elegant, thin, plainly dressed uncle in the crowd, he greeted him with a smile and said, “Elder Chen, how have you been recently?”

“Fortunately, this… miss, who are you?” Chen Lao looked at the unfamiliar little girl in front of him, momentarily confused.

Su Yuyan's clear eyes blinked innocently, smiled brightly, and said softly in the ear of the old professor: “I am the python rose. Chen Lao, now some people with bad intentions slander me as having mental problems, please give it to me quickly. Diagnosing a test report and punching them in the face?”

“You, you little bastard, who are you saying is a dog?” Su Zhengcheng saw that the dead girl actually invited Chen Lao, and immediately jumped out and yelled in exasperation.

Su Yuyan's expression was cold, her eyes were half-squinted, she looked at Su Zhengcheng dangerously, and smiled evilly, “Of course whoever answers the question is a dog.”

“You dare to scold me, see if I won't kill you!” Su Zhengcheng clenched his fists and exploded with anger.

Su Yuyan raised her chin, glanced contemptuously at the furious Su Zhengcheng, and said provocatively, “Hehe, I want to beat this girl, but there's no way.”

“You—” Su Zhengcheng was instantly provoked, his eyes staring like copper bells, like a mad lion, going to rush up and beat the girl to death.

However, the reporters, doctors, and the dean at the scene didn't have the heart to watch the two fight, so they pulled the two apart and persuaded: “Oh, this is a hospital, it's not good to beat people. Besides, Chen Lao is here, watch Not civilized anymore?”

Chen Lao was too lazy to take care of Su Zhengcheng.

He walked over and nodded lightly at Su Yuyan: “Girl, follow me to the laboratory for a comprehensive test!”

“Okay.” Su Yuyan smiled brightly and followed Chen Lao and a large group of doctors to the psychiatric intelligence testing department to do a comprehensive test.

It turned out that her logical thinking was perfect, her mental state was healthy, and there was no problem. Moreover, her IQ IQ is as high as 158, second only to Einstein's genius IQ of 160, God? When he got the test results of this authoritative experiment, Chen Lao was dumbfounded, and all the doctors present were dumbfounded.

You know, according to the IQ distribution of the Stanford-Binet scale: 140 or more is super excellent (genius); 120-139 is excellent; 110-119 is smart; 90-109 is medium; 80-78 is low-middle; 70-79 Critical intelligence deficiency; below 69 is intellectual disability.

Most people's IQ is around 90~100, but this girl's IQ is above 140, she is a genius girl.

“Bastard, it's too much for such a good genius to be slandered as having mental problems!”

Chen Lao's face turned gloomy on the spot, and he returned to the ward with Su Yuyan with the report. In front of everyone in the Su family, he threw the more than ten pages of the report on Su Zhengcheng, and scolded: “Talking a deer to a horse, turning black and white, right and wrong are irrelevant. How can there be such a bastard father like you in the world? Do you know how much talent is lacking in our country? Just because of your rumors and slander, you almost ruined this child's life? You are a bastard!”

“I, I don't know… This dead girl was born a bitch? How could she have such a high IQ?” Su Zhengcheng received the thick stack of test reports, completely dumbfounded.

“Fart, you are a bitch, how dare you question our old Chen's medical skills and authority!” At this moment, the leaders and doctors of the hospital completely turned their backs on it.

Chen Lao is an idol and role model that they highly respect in their hearts. How can he be slandered and questioned at will, as a master in the field of spiritual disciplines.

When Su Zhengcheng saw the eyes of these doctors who wanted to kill him, he was so frightened that he didn't dare to speak any more.

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