After hanging up the phone, Su Yuyan began to think seriously. Since Xie Heng and Su Yumeng have made things so far, there is no need to care about the sisters' affection, then let the whole world know about the troubles. If you want to lose face, let everyone throw it together, anyway, no one can be cheap!

After she made up her mind, she simply kept doing it and called 110 and all the media in Yuncheng. Soon, the siren blared from the downstairs of the hospital, and the media, reporters, and police rushed to the hospital, blocking the entire hospital.

The doctor, director, and dean suddenly encountered such a big battle in the middle of the night, and they were all stunned. All of them are like a big enemy, and they are confused. They can't understand what happened in the middle of the night, and they have alarmed so many police, reporters, and media!

In the ward, Su Yuyan attacked her nurse, tied her to a chair with a rope, and locked the bottle of poison and the encrypted mobile phone as evidence in her hand in a cabinet.

After finishing all this, she strode into the bathroom, turned on the faucet, held a handful of clean water, poured it on her face, to wake herself up and stop thinking about relying on anyone. Master, Aunt Lan, who is married, is the only one left.

The Su family was unreliable at all. When they brought her back, they were probably trying to coax her into signing the share transfer agreement left by the old man. After all, if it was really for her good and really treated her as her own daughter, she would not be alive or dead in her hospital. In the past few days, no one came to visit.

Coax you when you are valuable, kick you away when you are worthless, and want you to die! In the Su family, apart from the deceased old man, the others really are a group of villains who can act!

clam down. Su Yuyan remembered her life experience. Grandpa Su Chengxi, who started his own business after retirement and created a career, is now worth tens of billions, and there are many five-star hotels that are among the best at home and abroad, and more than 400 rooms…

He is a veritable wealthy businessman in Yuncheng, with two sons and a daughter under his knees. The eldest son died in a car accident many years ago!

The youngest son Su Zhengcheng cheated and divorced, married the goddess Yang Qianqian as his wife, and gave birth to two children, one named Su Yumo and the other named Su Yumeng!

As for her living abroad, I don't care.

It was hard to get it back, but it wasn't really good for her, but because Su Yuyan's grandfather missed her granddaughter before she died, and made a will, as long as she can be found before the age of 18, let her inherit More than 40% of the family's property.

If she can't be found, she will be treated as a charity and donated to orphanages across the country. It is also considered to be doing good deeds for her granddaughter. I hope she will live in peace in this life.

It is for this reason that the Su family recklessly retrieved her a few years ago, changing tricks all day to make her happy.

In order to repay her kindness and treat them as real relatives, she gave all the shares to the so-called family members.

Especially for Su Yumeng, she has never been stingy. Since returning to Su's house, she has been in charge of the key to the vault left by her grandfather. No matter what treasures this sister sees, she will give it to her, except for men. .

After all, Xie Heng is his fiance in name, and even if she doesn't want it, no one will care about it. It is really disgusting to stage this scene of catching a rape for no reason, and it also allows her to see the true face of the family.

The more Su Yuyan thought about it, the more chilling she felt. After sorting out her thoughts in the bathroom, she came out wearing a thin hospital gown. She was thin, but she had an inexplicable sense of stubbornness. Black hair, fair skin, delicate facial features, exudes a arrogant and charming temperament, unparalleled, but the red scar on her face turned her from a beautiful woman into an ugly one.

Simply too much. Su Yuyan clenched his fists.

She hates others to lie to her the most, and she hates others to take advantage of her the most, but the people of the Su family have done both. The police are so slow, why haven't they come yet?

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