0001: Independence

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Baima Town is an attractive place, with white and red wall tiles, green grass, and flowers.

Hill strolled to the castle.
He would have a come-of-age ceremony today and then bid farewell to the town.

Hill’s identity was actually a bit awkward.
His father, the Earl of Perast, married three wives, each giving birth to a son, and he was the middle one.

According to the rules of the Salar Kingdom, when the non-first-born child reaches the age of 16, he would take a sum of property and leave the family.

The mother of the Earl’s first son, Manton, was of noble birth.
As the daughter of the Duke of Klar, the dowry was even more generous.
It was a pity that the body was relatively weak and died shortly after Manton was born.

The eldest son had a powerful family, and the Earl had to be more careful when choosing his second wife.

He was reluctant to choose a wife among the minor nobles, so he took a liking to Melanie, the daughter of the Court Archmage Oberstein Frank, who wasn’t in the Aristocratic System.

Melanie, a fair-skinned and beautiful mage with long golden hair, was a deathly temptation for the Earl.

So, with Earl Perast’s handsome face, rich, and romantic pursuit.
A beautiful and simple female mage was quickly moved by the Earl’s courtship and finally made up her mind to marry him.
Unfortunately, she regretted it within two years.

The entire Earl’s Castle was refusing to accept this marriage.
Everyone thought she would definitely attack the eldest son Manton.
Including the husband who claims to love her the most, after Hill was born, he started to be wary of her.

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However, no one ever thought that in the mage’s world, there would be no women fighting for favor and power, scheming against each other.
Melanie plunged into alchemy, bought an out-of-town manor with her son, and lived in it, never seeing her husband again.

Hill only saw the so-called father at the annual New Year’s banquet until he was 12 years old.
It is a pity that when he was 12 years old, Melanie’s alchemy experiment failed, and the magic backfired.
She died a few months later, and Hill had to return to the Earl’s Castle.

Count Perast was indifferent to this son and immediately threw himself into the selection of a third wife.
He no longer dared to marry a lofty Female Mage.
It has been 12 years.
He has had enough of the days of making the nobles laugh at him.

This time, the people in the castle finally returned to the familiar pace.
The young and beautiful little wife postponed the time of Manton’s coming-of-age ceremony which should have been held at the age of 16 to after the age of 20.
Whoever made Manton not live up to everyone’s expectations for his qualification was still far from being a formal knight.

Most people, in the absence of pressure, pursue comfort and enjoyment.
Only when there is pressure will they work hard, so Manton began to work hard every day.

Hill was leaving anyway, but if 14 years later, the 30-year-old Manton has not become a knight, his inheritance depends on whether Edgar could become a knight.

Of course, if the earl was unlucky to die before that, Hill could also come back to grab the title.
After all, in this generation, Hill was the only person above the knight level.

So in order to reduce trouble and keep his ears quiet, Hill seldom used spells in the castle, so these people thought he was still an Apprentice Mage.

Manton also tried to win over Hill but unfortunately, the method was clumsy.
Hill showed a lofty and indifferent look to get rid of him and just wait for the coming-of-age ceremony to leave the castle.
The stepmother observed it carefully for a while and found that he really just wanted to leave.
She was silent.

He rushed to the out-of-town manor overnight, and the indifferent mage grandfather sensed his mage-level spiritual power, gave him a storage ring with satisfaction, and left, leaving no room for Hill to speak.

Hill, didn’t even get a chance to respond to his grandfather who had not met him for a long time.
Then, he packed up the manor angrily and put away all his mother’s things.
The storage ring was huge and could contain a lot of spellbook.

He actually understood that being a mage was a self-taught profession, and after his mother led him in, he should see more and learn more.
There was nothing wrong with Frank doing this.

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As a grandfather, Frank’s love for him was already in the ring, which contains a lot of precious materials, large sums of gold coins, enough books for a library, and the most important building materials for the magic tower, which was A high-level magic tower core that Hill couldn’t buy even with money.

but, Hill wailed in his heart! : “Dear grandfather! I’m a warlock! I don’t even know my bloodline!”

Yes, Hill’s years of meditation turned a corner when he was about to step onto the avenue of the Mage, and he awakened to become a glorious Wood, Earth, and Water Warlock.
He didn’t know if it was because he traveled through time and space to cause the change.
He was a Civil Engineer in his previous life, and he added water after awakening in this life.

In the list of all Hill’s spells, Earth into Mud and Mud into Stone could be listed in front.
As for Summoning Earth Element, Wood Element, and Water Element were in the back.
In the middle are Earth Shields, Earthquake, Slow Motion, Natural Growth, Summoning of Nature Companions, and Purification.

Hill knew that his bloodline was definitely not bad, and not everyone could have so many spells at the beginning of Warlock Awakening.
And since his awakening, his body had begun to grow stronger day by day, and his seemingly thin body contain powerful strength.
As a Warlock, his strength was almost comparable to that of a Full-Fled

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