Deep underground the Wisteria Kingdoms royal palace held the dilapidated dungeons used to hold the Kingdoms cruelest and most dangerous criminals.

Inside one of its dark and cold iron cells sat Violette, the Kingdoms Second Princess. Her dress was torn, and she was covered from head to toe in bruises and filth.

A full year of tournament had left her a shell of her former self. Bones poked through her skin. She was so malnourished she could not long sit up without the help from the prison walls..

They even went as far as to cut her long silver-blonde hair close into a shirt clumpy mess exposing bald spots here and there.

She never would of guessed that her own family would frame her for such a damming crime as treason. She could tell from the way they had looked her that they were disgusted by her, but she didn think they would get rid of like this.

Even though they only had circumstantial evidence, her father the King, still decided to push forward with her execution.

The thought made her inwardly laugh despite herself. How ironic. The King is trying to better his Kingdom by ridding it of a raitor while he ignores the thousands of commoner lives drying from the blight.

Their lands were rotting from the outside in, and they choose to entertain themselves with ridiculous political plots instead of saving the people whos taxes pay for their Noble lifestyles.

The Wisteria Kingdom was bearly surviving. The treasury was almost completely depleted, and fields have long since brought a bountiful harvest. Towns closest to the Kingdoms borders were completely wiped out.

A demon blight was running rampant in their Kingdom. It started at the outskirts and quickly made its way all the way to the Royal capitals walls. Right now the Nobility was safe, but it was only a matter of time before they met the same fate of the commoners out side the capital walls.

This blight brought armys of monsters they called demons. Disgusting creatures that come in many shapes and sizes. All with a different amount of intelligence. Typically, the more humanoid a demon looks, then the higher their intelligence was. One thing they all had in common though, was the craving for flesh.

These beasts attack anyone in sight without regard for their age, title or rank. Even a a king could be killed if they managed to overcome their tall walls and Knights.

Unfortunately for commoners, they had no walls nor Knights to protect them. They were like lambs to the slaughter with no one to protect them.

If you are lucky, you get to die a quick death, but the more unfortunate will contract what is called the blight sickness. A disease that corrupts afflicted both body and mind until they eventually lose who they once were. Their skin and minds will become akin to a demons, causing them to devour anyone in sight.

Despite the horrible state of their Kingdom, the Royal family still found the time and resources to frame her. The Maker must have a sense of humor.

Violettes pointed ears twitched at the sound of approaching footsteps. Soon, a beautiful young woman with sandy blonde hair and big blue eyes stood infront of the cell door. Two Knights dressed in traditional silver armor towered over from behind.

Violette stared up at her sister with apathetic eyes. ”What an honor. ” Her voice was cold and riddled with sarcasm. ”The great First Princess is gracious enough to visit a lowly criminal like me. How dedicated you must be to even your lowest citizens. ”

Leanne clicked her tongue. ”It seems this criminal still has the strength to talk back to a royal. ” She nodded toward her company.

It was like the two Guards behind her read their Masters mind because they both moved in unison toward the iron door, swinging it open violently.

They each grabbed one of her arms and hoisted her in the air. The sudden force made her wince in pain.

”Now, ” Leanne reached out her hand and aggressively cupped her sisters chin. Her nails digging into her face hard enough to draw blood. ”Im glad to see your outward appearance matches with that disgusting slave blood of yours. ”

Violette was used to such comments. Yes, her father may have been a King but her mother was still an elf.

Elves had o

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