Chapter 10: Zaizai

Before the program team sent them the filming notice, Situ Ya already created a four-person Dingxun group chat.

This time, they couldnt bring their managers or assistants to the show. At this moment, they have just realized that neither of these two, who were about to go on the show, were ready.

Xu Tangzhou was relatively more well-behaved between the two of them, but he didnt have any experience. Anything he would say or do could be exaggerated by the camera. He was the one more prone to accidentally making mistakes.

But Ling Che was different. Although he hadnt participated in a variety show before, he still had countless experiences in facing the camera. These experiences often made him feel trapped. If there was no manager watching, there was a high chance he wouldnt cooperate. Or in more serious cases, there was no guarantee he wouldnt simply rage quit halfway.

Situ Ya spoke a lot in the group chat. In regards to Xu Tangzhou, Huang Qian already spoke to him, but Xu Tangzhou earnestly listened. Most of the words spoken by Situ Ya were for Ling Che.

Situ Ya: [Ling Che, are you not paying attention to Dingxun?]

TN: Reminder that Dingxun is a made-up messaging app

Ling Ches bright Dingxun avatar indicated he was still online, but he hadnt spoken a word in the group chat.

Situ Ya asked again.

It took a full five minutes before Ling Che replied.

Ling Che: [ . ]

Xu Tangzhou: “……” Just a period?

Situ Ya didnt continue asking, as if she was used to this way of communication. She then asked the final question.

Situ Ya: [Zhouzhou, including Ling Che, there are two alphas among the guests. You will record the show together, so youll have frequent contact with them. Have you taken your estrus inhibitor yet?]

This sentence could be read as Situ Ya looking after Xu Tangzhous safety, but it could also be read as – she didnt want him and Ling Che to have an “accident” and end up in a scandal. No matter what, if a scandal truly happened, it would leave a greater negative impact on Ling Che.

This was an awkward topic, after all, their genders were different. Once an omega went into estrus, the alphas present would also go into heat. Unmarked Omegas and Alphas together were always like a ticking time bomb, so precautionary measures must be carefully taken.

It wasnt easy for the alpha Situ Ya to plainly say these words, but Huang Qian understood and also briskly replied: [He has taken it, Zhouzhous inhibitor is still effective for half a year. In addition, he knew that he was going to be on the show, so he had been taking medication to adjust his sensitivity to pheromones. He also brought a neck ring* and Mist inhibitors. I guarantee that he wouldnt affect Ling Che.]

TN: Neck rings are larger chokers that prevent alphas from biting the omegas glands on the nape of their necks.

Work was work, and Huang Qian clearly drew a line.

He tacitly spoke for Xu Tangzhou and took the initiative to remain distant from Ling Che.

Xu Tangzhou was sitting next to Huang Qian: “Actually, my body wasnt feeling well…”

Exactly how he didnt feel well was “I really want to be marked by Ling Che”, but he couldnt say it out loud because it sounded too indecent.

Huang Qian patted his shoulder: “This way, they could rest assured. Ya jie is very perceptive. ”

Situ Ya replied that she could rest easy now.

On the other hand, Ling Che coldly sent out a message: [Thats for the best.]

After sending the message, his avatar instantly darkened as he went offline.

The conversation was officially over.

Xu Tangzhou let out a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, Huang Qian spoke. It seemed like Ling Che didnt want anything to do with him.

Huang Qian told Xu Tangzhou: “Remember the following points, Ive heard that Ling Che is a very light sleeper and hes easily woken up. After he wakes, he is often in a bad mood, so try not to speak to him in the morning. Another thing to note is that hes very picky. If you could indulge him, then do so. In addition, his hair is off-limits. Don ’t touch his hair.”

“Why?” Xu Tangzhou was curious, “What happens if I touch it?”

Huang Qian: “Do you want to try?”

Xu Tangzhou recalled Ling Ches appearance: “No, no.”

Maybe he would transform.

The two of them needed to pretend they were friends, so its not as if he couldnt know about these things. Theyve previously agreed to find some time to meet and learn about each other, but theyve never had the chance to.

Now he could only learn everything at the last minute and try to remember whatever he could.


Huang Qian was like an old father, giving out a million instructions in fear that something would happen to Xu Tangzhou.

He had already met the director and the assistant following them around, hoping that they would be kinder to Xu Tangzhou. The other party replied that they would, but in truth, Huang Qian didnt dare believe them.

After all, this show was known for its pits.

Upon arriving outside the recording studio, Huang Qian was stopped.

After waving goodbye to Xu Tangzhou, Huang Qian still looked back in worry multiple times, making Xu Tangzhou feel a little reluctant to part.

Huang Qian had been carefully taking care of Xu Tangzhou these few days. If Huang Qian wasnt too young, Xu Tangzhou would have called him dad.

Before his emotions faded, Xu Tangzhou came face to face with a dark camera the moment he stepped out of the car. The program group actually began filming the moment they got off the car without even giving him notice in advance.

Xu Tangzhou was suddenly stunned, his indifferent face revealed a rare trace of confusion.


The following assistant Momo happily brought them to greet the cameraman: “Good morning Zhouzhou! Youre the third one to arrive!”

Xu Tangzhou wasnt good at all.

TN: So hello in Chinese translates to “You good”, so Zaizai is saying hes “not good” as a response XD

The camera lens was about to hit his face.

How could he not be nervous? His only experience with the camera was while shooting advertisements. Not to mention, the director for the advertisements only took photos of what they thought was beautiful. However, this big brother wanted to capture how many pores Xu Tangzhou had through the lens.

“Good morning.” Xu Tangzhou tried to appear calm.

Momo was a Beta girl. She blushed and took him to the location to sign his name.

The signature book was beautifully done, with the sparkly words [Our Perfect Trip] written on the cover. Inside was written “I agree to participate in this trip” and other terms of agreement.

Xu Tangzhou finally felt like he was going on a variety show.

There were already two signatures under the signature column. Xu Tangzhou recognized they were the signatures of Lu Chengan and Mi Fei, the Alpha and Beta couple who came earlier than him.

In other words, Ling Che still hadnt arrived yet.

Xu Tangzhou picked up the pen and wrote his name stroke by stroke: Xu Tangzhou.

Momo brought him into the recording studio. Perhaps she sensed his nervousness, but Momo asked some irrelevant questio

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